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Morimoto Sealed7 2.0 Bi-LED Headlight


SKU: LF271


Experience a revolution in 7" round headlights with the all-new Morimoto Sealed7 2.0 Bi-LEDs. These innovative headlights deliver a striking visual and unparalleled performance that will transform the look and safety of your vehicle.

  • Proprietary quad-optic design with Nichia LEDs for max output - up to 4000 lumens
  • Advanced projection optics distribute light efficiently in low and high beams
  • Quad-optic system enables high-intensity DRL, low DRL with low beams, and bright amber switchback turn signals
  • Heavy-duty die-cast aluminum housings act as heat sinks to handle prolonged use
  • Shatterproof UV-coated polycarbonate lens resists fading and damage
  • Plug-and-play H13/9008 input for easy installation

With a completely original design, the Sealed7 2.0 Bi-LEDs offer the most advanced 7" LED headlights on the market. The proprietary quad-optic system enables multiple functions like high-intensity DRLs, low DRLs when low beams are on, and bright amber switchback signals that interrupt DRLs when activated. And the Nichia LEDs paired with precision projection optics distribute light efficiently for max visibility and safety. Simply put, these headlights deliver revolutionary style, technology, and performance that's unmatched.

The Morimoto Sealed7 2.0 Bi-LEDs are perfect for any vehicle owner looking to upgrade their 7" round headlights. Their high-tech design and elite performance give your vehicle an instant facelift while also optimizing visibility and road safety. And with robust housings and UV-protected lenses, they're built to withstand years of use. If you want the most advanced 7" LED headlights that combine next-level style and engineering, the Morimoto Sealed7 2.0 Bi-LEDs are the clear choice. Transform the look and capability of your vehicle today.



  • Intensity: 2,400lm (Low), 4,300lm (High)
  • Power: 20w (Low), 35w (High)
  • Input: Delphi H13, T-Taps for DRL
  • Traffic Pattern: LHD Only
  • Material: Aluminum (Housing), Polycarbonate (Lens)
  • Light Source: Nichia NCSW170C 5000K (Pure White), Philips Luxeon 3535L


  • Powerful Illumination: 3000 lumens in low beam, 4000 lumens in high beam.
  • Multi-Function Lights: DRL, switchback signals, and white daytime running lights.
  • Durable Build: UV-coated polycarbonate lenses, heat-sink housings, and PWM LED driver.
  • Universal Fit: Replaces 7-inch Round/PAR56 headlights, H13/9008 inputs with H4 adapter option.
  • Innovative Design: Morimoto Sealed7 2.0 is an original, standout choice in the market.


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