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Morimoto Sealed4 Bi-LED Headlight (4X6)


SKU: LF267


Take Your Classic Car’s Illumination to the Next Level with Morimoto’s Cutting-Edge Sealed4 Bi-LED Headlights

The Morimoto Sealed4 Bi-LED Headlight for 4x6" applications stands above the competition with its proprietary, high-performance design and impressive output.

  • Proprietary optics and LED technology deliver a best-in-class 4300 lumens in high beam and 2400 lumens in low beam
  • Precision die-cast aluminum housings act as effective heat sinks to maximize LED lifespan
  • UV-coated polycarbonate lenses withstand decades of abuse without fading
  • Designed to directly replace 4x6” sealed beam headlights for hassle-free installation

Your classic car deserves the best. With the Morimoto Sealed4, you can have confidence driving at night knowing you have superior visibility and safety. The proprietary optics distribute light in a legal low beam pattern that won't blind oncoming drivers. The 2400 lumens bathes the road ahead in crisp, bright illumination so you can see hazards well in advance. Engage the high beams when needed and an extra set of LEDs turn on, boosting output to 4300 lumens to reveal everything around you.

The Sealed4 housings are precisely machined from die-cast aluminum that pulls double duty as effective heat sinks. This keeps the LEDs operating at peak efficiency for maximum lifespan. Polycarbonate lenses are coated in a UV-resistant material, ensuring decades of clarity before hazing or yellowing occurs. Morimoto only uses the highest quality Nichia LEDs to deliver OEM-level performance.

With plug-and-play H4 connectors, the Sealed4 works as direct replacements for 4x6” sealed beam headlights. Give your classic the nighttime safety and visibility it deserves while retaining the iconic look. The Morimoto Sealed4 Bi-LED Headlights represent a huge upgrade in performance and quality compared to stock sealed beams.



  • Intensity: 1,890lm (Low), 1,500lm (High)
  • Power: 19w
  • Input Voltage: 12-24V DC
  • Material: Aluminum (Housing), Polycarbonate (Lens)
  • Light Source: Nichia (Low, High), Osram (Combo Low/High)


  • Wide Application: Ideal for buses, RVs, tractors, and custom kit cars.
  • Customizable Beam Patterns: Choose LED low beam, high beam, or a combination.
  • Exceptional Light Output: Sealed3 modules exceed industry standards.
  • Precision Adjustability: Threaded rods for accurate vertical and lateral adjustments.
  • Durable and Weather-Resistant: IP67-rated, with quality polycarbonate lenses and aluminum housing.


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