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This plug-and-play mod is an inexpensive way to enhance your Jeep Wrangler JL's third brake light with brighter, sleeker LEDs. Featuring Osram LED technology for superior brightness day and night, the light upgrades your ride's style and safety in less than 10 quick steps. You can install it in under 20 minutes for less than $60.

  1. Start by removing the cover of your backup camera using a T40 (T-40) Torx/Star Drive Bit.
  2. Remove the three lug nuts holding your spare.  Remove the spare.
  3. Use a T25 (T-25) Torx/Star Drive Bit and remove the seven screws holding the spare tire cover in place.

  4. Separate the back cover from the tire carrier.  It's easier if you open the tailgate to get to the backside.

  5. Remove the two  T25 Torx screws holding the OEM JL 3rd brake light to the back cover and unplug the 3rd brake light.

  6. Use the OEM screws and the T25 (T-25) Torx/Star Drive Bit and mount the Morimoto XB LED 3rd brake light onto the back cover of the tire carrier and plug the brake light wire harness into the third brake light.
  7. Snap the back cover back onto the tire carrier and secure it with a  T25 (T-25) Torx/Star Drive Bit using the 7 OEM screws previously removed.
  8. Lift the spare tire back onto the spare tire bracket assembly and secure it using the three lug nuts previously removed.
  9. Attach the cover to the backup camera and lock it in place using a  T40 (T-40) Torx/Star Drive Bit.