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Zamp Solar ZXD Power Station Mid (Bring Your Own Battery)

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The ZXD Power Station Mid BYOB (Bring Your Own Battery) enables users to select a battery type (Group 27) of their choosing to offer the most versatile power solution to power a wide range of applications, including vans, RV's, Overlanding trailers, job sites, marine, and beyond.

Once equipped with a battery (Group 27), this all-in-one Power Station provides a simple, plug-and-play solution to meet the needs of most power users. The integrated 25 Amp ATP solar input provides the ZXD Power Station - Mid BYOB with the fastest solar charging solution in the market in a compact power package with multiple DC power outputs (USB, USB-C, and 12V Sockets) and Integrated AC power with Victron Phoenix 12/1200 Inverter. Equipped with all battery tie-downs and an integrated digital battery monitor display offers the best power solution to meet the needs of most small to mid-power applications.

Each ZXD Power Station - Mid BYOB utilizes our Cinder40 Charge Controller to safely charge and maintain the lithium battery. The heavy-gauged, powder-coated aluminum ventilated box is equipped with a lockable lid, two easy-carry grab handles, and non-slip rubber feet to keep the power station secure and stable. The ZXD Power Station - Mid BYOB offers a complete power solution with ultimate versatility. Each ZXD Power Station design keeps our sustainability initiatives in mind with the ability to repair any components over the life of this product rather than replacing the entire unit.

ZXD Power Station MidSpecs: (ZXD1003)

  • Heavy-gauge, high-impact powder-coated aluminum construction.Lifetime durability.
  • Group 27Battery Compatible. NO BATTERY INCLUDED
  • 20A Switched DC Interface with integrated 2 Dual 2.4A USB Ports, 45W USB-C port, 3 12V Sockets
  • Integrated, programmable low voltage disconnect protects your batteries from excessive discharge
  • Switched 10A AC Interface with GFCI protection and 2 additional 2.4A USB ports
  • Digital Display Battery monitor - state of charge, current draw, battery voltage, discharge time remaining.
  • 25 Amp Solar ATP Input.
  • 40 Amp Cinder40 Charge Controller - Bluetooth Enabled
  • Simultaneous charge and discharge functionality.
  • Rechargeable with AC input
  • Victron 12/1200 Phoenix Inverter with GFCI protection
  • Integrated Carry Handles.
  • Lockable, removable Lid for quick access to all components for repairability.
  • Non-Slip Rubber Feet.
  • Box Design allows for proper ventilation.
  • Acid neutralizing battery mat to avoid corrosion
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Dimensions: 32"Lengthx 10-1/2" Widthx 12-1/4" Height
  • Net Weight: 76.5 lbs