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TJM 8T Tree Trunk/Equaliser Strap

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A tree trunk protector is an important accessory in any comprehensive recovery kit. Designed to be looped around a tree that?s being used as an anchor point in a vehicle recovery, a tree trunk protector guards both the tree and your recovery gear against unnecessary damage. Meanwhile, an equaliser strap is a simple way to make snatch and winch recoveries safer by putting less strain on a single recovery point. The strap spreads the recovery load between two recovery points, which in turn lessens undue stress placed on a vehicle?s chassis. The TJM 8T Tree Trunk Protector and Equaliser Strap has been carefully engineered to have a minimum breaking strength of 8,000kg, while it also features strap keepers for easy storage and reinforced eyelets and dual neoprene sleeves for exceptional durability and protection.