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Partner Steel Cook Partner Stove Repair Kit


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Don't let a broken stove ruin your camping trip! The Partner Steel Cook Partner Stove Repair Kit has everything you need to get cooking again in no time. This handy kit includes replacement parts like burners, valves, and o-rings so you can quickly fix common stove issues. With the included tools, repair guide, and zippered carry bag, you'll be prepared for on-the-trail repairs. Get back to campfire cooking confidently knowing you have the parts and knowledge to fix your stove and enjoy that warm meal. The Partner Stove Repair Kit is a must-have for campers who rely on their stoves. Be ready for anything with this emergency repair kit.Included :

4 Orfices
2 Stop Nuts
2 Knobs
2 Needle Valves
2 Schrader Valves
2 Replacement Burners
2 Stove "O" Rings
1 P.O.L. "O" Ring
1 Nut Driver
1 Schrader Valve Tool
1 Bag
1 Instruction Manual

Additional Information

Partner Steel Cook Partner Stove Repair Kit



  • Burners, valves, o-rings, and other frequently needed replacements


  • Handy tools like a nut driver and valve tool
  • Easy-to-follow repair guide
  • Durable zippered carry bag


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