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Zamp Solar OBSIDIAN SERIES Mega Solar Kit

Roof Mount Panels
Portable Solar Panels
Lithium Battery Capacity

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The OBSIDIAN SERIESMega Kit is the ultimate solution combining the very best of our OBSIDIAN SERIES Solar Panels, OBSIDIAN SERIES Portable Solar Kits, Cinder40 Integration Kit, Expion360 Lithium Batteries, Solar Side Port and all necessary wiring in one complete package. The OBSIDIAN SERIES Solar Mega Kit offers the all-in-one, robust plug-and-play solar solution with custom power options ranging from 500-800 Watts with all the necessary components to build the Ultimate Solar Solution.

CINDER40 Integration and Wiring Kit:
Install your off-grid solar set up by connecting the solar panel to the provided Expion360 Lithium Batteries with one easy-to-install Integration Kit (minimal tools required). The included CINDER40 40-AMP digital charge controller handle systems up to 800 watts and is compatible with both Lithium and Lead-Acid Batteries. This kit also includes a two-port ATP roof cap, wiring to the controller, and a fused wiring harness to run from the controller to the batteries.
Portable Solar Panels:

Our OBSIDIAN SERIES Portable Kits are the perfect on-the-go power solution to charge your next adventure when your roof-mounted panels are shaded or not in the optimal location. It features patented low-profile solar panels to provide the ultimate flexibility and durability. These Made in USA panels are handcrafted in Bend, Oregon using premium materials and precision manufacturing techniques to meet your off-grid power needs and exceed your expectations.

Perfect for tight storage spaces in vans RV's and Overlanding trailers, the OBSIDIAN SERIES portable kits are low profile, robust, & lightweight. The OBSIDIAN SERIES portable kits are 50% slimmer than our Legacy Series Portable Kits. OBSIDIAN SERIES Portable Kits feature an integrated carry case that doubles as a quick-deploy adjustable stand. Slim anodized aluminum carry handle makes handling a breeze. The Tactical Carry Case utilizes an integrated storage bag to hold all the necessities and the case lays flat to maximize storage potential. This kit utilizes the unregulated portable kit since it's wired to the onboard charge controller included in the integration kit.

Roof Mounted Solar Panels:
Perfect for all recreational vehicles or overland rigs, our OBSIDIAN SERIES 100-Watt panels are as thin as a flexible panel and 30% lighter than a traditional panel without compromising efficiency. This American-made panel also features an ultra-aerodynamic profile and a sleek black anodized aluminum frame.

Expion360 120ah Lithium Batteries:
Available in both 120ah or 240Ah combinations, Expion360 engineered this advanced lithium battery with extremely stable LiFePo4 chemistry optimizing power and long-term performance. The VPR 4EVER battery strikes the perfect balance between price and performance. The very common Group 27 size utilizes 120Ah allowing for a simple replacement of your current RV Marine AGM or lead-acid battery. This battery is able to charge faster utilizing Zamp Solar's lithium charging profile in every charge controller. These best-in-class lithium batteries afford users to stay off-grid longer and go out further.

The OBSIDIAN SERIES Solar Mega Kit is the best-in-class, most-robust, complete solar solution that spans RV, Overland, Van, Marine, and beyond.