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Zamp Solar OBSIDIAN SERIES 25 Watt Solar Panel (B-Stock)

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Zamp SolarGrade B, or B Stock, Solar Panels, and accessories are available for now.Most panels will have some cosmetic imperfections including scratches, bubbles, orcells misalignment thatDO NOT affect the power output. These solar panels are guaranteedto provide 90% or better of the rated power for 10 years.

(NO MOUNTS INCLUDED,Shop Mounting Feet)

Perfect for small projects or maintaining batteries, our OBSIDIAN SERIES 25-Watt panel works with any kind of 12-Volt battery. As thin as a flexible panel and 30% lighter than a traditional panel without compromising efficiency, this American-made panel also features an ultra-aerodynamic profile and a sleek black anodized aluminum frame.

You will need to purchase the ATP to SAE wire adapter to complete your install as this panel comes with the ATP connector and a very short pigtail pictured above. This connector is also compatible with an RV that has a Solar-Ready roof cap or sidewall port.


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Panel Size: 17.6” tall x 14.3” wide x .67” thin

Panel Weight: 3.5 lbs

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