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Cali Raised Dual Function Amber/White LED Light Bar Prinsu Mounting Combo

Include Dual Function LED Light Bar
Wiring Harness Options for Dual Function Light Bar

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Dual Function Amber/White LED Light Bar Prinsu Mounting Bracket Kit

Combine these powerful brackets and the Cali Raised Dual Function light bar in one kit! These custom laser cut brackets combine perfectly with our Cali Raised LED Dual Function light bar to secure on our Cali Raised LED Premium Roof Racks on and off the trail - rain or shine. These brackets are engineered for a seamless fit to ensure minimal vibration and wind noise and to defend against corrosion they are professionally powder-coated in a durable black semi-gloss finish.

Easy to install, no modifications required.
Mounting Brackets and Dual Function Lightbar made for the Prinsu Roof Rack.
Powder-coated with a durable black semi-gloss mini texture.

Mounting brackets made for Dual Function Light Bar
Dual Function Light Bar
Wiring Harness Option* See Tabbed section for more information.


There are two ways you can wire your dual function bar depending on how you would like it to operate.

Controlling Amber & White Lights Independently
If you want to control the amber and white separately then you will need 2 harnesses. With the 2 harnesses, this gives you the ability to run the Amber/White lights individually or all at the same time.

The LED bar will have 3 wires on it. BLACK, WHITE, GREEN

BLACK: Ground
WHITE: Power For The White LED's
GREEN: Power For The Amber LED's

The harness will have DT Plugs at the end. You will want to remove those plugs as they are not needed.

After the plugs are removed there will be red and black wires exposed. between both harnesses, you will have 2 red wires and 2 black wires.

You will want to connect the 2 black wires together and connect them to the black wire on the LED bar, Then one red to the white and the other red to green. That will give you the ability to run the lights independently.

Controlling ALL Lights At Once
If you are wanting the full bar to turn on/off at once and not be able to control separately then you would just need one harness. Remove the plug from the harness. Connect the black wire from the LED bar to the black wire on the harness. Then combine the green and white wire on the LED bar to connect to the red on the harness.

Other Notes

Other Notes

  • These mounts are custom made for the Dual Function Light Bar and Prinsu Roof Rack. We cannot guarantee fitment on any other products unless otherwise specified.
  • Sold as a kit.
  • Includes hardware for installation.
  • Wiring options are custom, see more info about how to wire.