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Zamp Solar 90 Watt Unregulated Portable Winnebago Ready Solar Kit

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This space-saving 90-Watt portable solar panel kit is designed to fit perfectly in the storage compartment under your Winnebago. This is the perfect amount of power to keep your refrigerator running and your lights on when camping off-grid. With a typical power output of 5 amp hours, this solar panel system will produce between 10 and 30 amps a day.

This unregulated portable kit does not include a charge controller because there will be a factory-installed controller in your Winnebago Class C, Class B, or Class A Motorhome. Do not tie an unregulated portable system directly into a power system without the use of a charge controller which was produced prior to 2006.

Kit Includes (USP1009):

  • Legacy 90 Watt Folding Solar Panel quickly deploys with adjustable stand.
  • Padded ballistic-nylon Carry Case
  • 15-Foot UV Protected Cable with ZampSolar Plug
  • 25-Year Output Warranty

Kit Specs:

    • Power Output: 5 Amps @ 90 Watts(No Charge Controller)
    • Closed Kit Size: 30.7‚Äù tall x 14.2‚Äù wide x 3.1‚Äù thin
    • Open Kit Size: 30.7‚Äù tall x 30‚Äù wide x 1.5‚Äù thin
Kit Weight:
      22 lbs