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Zamp Solar 90 Watt Unregulated Portable Solar Kit (No Charge Controller)

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This unregulated space-saving 90-Watt portable solar panel kit is designed to fit perfectly in a small storage compartment or under your mattress. This is the perfect amount of power to keep your refrigerator running and your lights on when camping off-grid. With a typical power output of 5 amp hours, this solar panel system will produce between 10 and 30 amps a day.

Kit Includes (USP1009):

  • Legacy 90 Watt Folding Solar Panel quickly deploys with adjustable stand.
  • Padded ballistic-nylon Carry Case
  • 15-Foot UV Protected Cable with ZampSolar Plug
  • 25-Year Output Warranty

Kit Specs:

  • Power Output: 5 Amps @ 90 Watts(No Charge Controller)
  • Closed Kit Size: 30.7‚Äù tall x 14.2‚Äù wide x 3.1‚Äù thin
  • Open Kit Size: 30.7‚Äù tall x 30‚Äù wide x 1.5‚Äù thin
  • Kit Weight:22 lbs