About Us

Not too long ago, we were working the corporate grind.

Cubicles. Dress Code. You know the drill. Then we realized nothing recharged our lives and minds… and souls… quite like getting outdoors. There’s something about the sun, wind, rain and the dirt under your feet that brings you back to life. That feeling is exactly what we want to help you experience more often, and now, more than ever, it takes a lot more gear and preparation to be ready for anything.

With years of experience over at Aventuron, we realized that there are a lot of adventurers like us that strive to have the best gear for their adventurous lifestyle. Whether it is hardcore overlanding, light duty vehicle camping, or endurance vehicle-based adventures, we’ve done it.

Our approach as an online company is to provide you with the same service you’d get if you walked into our storefront located in Sheboygan, WI.  We pride ourselves on this service and boast 5 star reviews from our customer base.  You can buy with confidence when shopping with us.

Real people. Trusted gear. The best customer service. That’s what you can expect from us and we can’t wait to prove it to you.

Carl & Kathryn (owners)

+ Anton, Jes, Nick, Zac, Max, Jake, Toddler Mack, & Baby Remy

* NVMOS is a Carthryn Company